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Matte Black - GY-7450U - With Eggshell Clearcoat


All colors require Eggshell Clearcoat - Primer is needed if the scratches into Metal.

All colors are made to order. There are no refunds or exchanges unless 1st approved by ScooterPaint

Always do a test spray or color check before applying paint. offers Factory Matched Lance GY-7450U Matte Black with Eggshell Clear


2-Tip Paint Pens - Half oz. Jars - 2 oz. Jars - Aerosols - Half Pints - Pints & Quarts 

CLEARCOAT IS A MANDATORY PART OF THE PROCESS.  If you choose to skip it you may not achieve desired color match results. Primer may be required if the scratch reaches the metal surface.

Accessories included in the Complete Repair Kit are 3 prep wipes - 3M sandpaper combo pack - tack cloth for cleaning - 3M masking tape and latex gloves.

Only Paint Pens and Half oz. Jars available for International Orders. Select International shipping charge for Outside the U.S.A and Canada 

The professional packaged paints (Half Pints, Pints and Quarts) should be applied by a professional painter under a controlled environment. The color has been reduced to spraying viscosity approximately 1:1